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Sculptural Recycled and Cast/Fused Glass Art by Cindy Ann Coldiron

Authored Art Books

Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass

Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists

Contemporary Wildlife Art

I have written 3 art books for Schiffer Publishing ( that are available for purchase at,, and other retailers. Many libraries also have copies available to check out.

My first book was titled "Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass"(2011) and I hope it continues to inspire everyone who reads it to never look at a discarded bottle or piece of window glass in the same way again!

After researching and finding no one book that focused exclusively on recycled glass in sculpture and design, I decided to write a book on the topic and was signed by Schiffer Publishing. This book was the result of two years of dedicated research into the topic.

Forty artists take the raw material of recycled glass and transform it into an astonishingly creative medium for sculpture and design. This "green" book is packed with photos of original recycled glass craft and sculpture representing emerging and established artists from Swaziland to Australia to Canada and the United States, as well as photos of three public art sculptures that tell a story from design to construction to the final installation. This book also provides an overview of the technical issues in working with recycled glass and step-by-step instructions on creating four glass craft and sculpture projects. Also included is an overview of trend setting green companies who are using recycled glass in interior design and decorative and utilitarian products such as tiles, countertops, and drinking vessels. This is a great resource for interior designers, "green" or LEED professionals, homeowners, museums, galleries, art collectors, art educators, artists, and individuals seeking to start a "green" glass business.

My second book (2013) was titled "Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists." It was a juried survey of flower artists from around the world.

Observe a quiet explosion of beautiful, humorous, and contemplative colorful images of two- and three-dimensional floral-themed artwork. Stunning pieces from more than fifty artists and designers, both well known, established, and emerging, from Ireland to Hungary, Finland, and Canada, and from coast to coast in the United States. This vibrant overview of the floral world includes photography, watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, botanical drawings, pop art, glass, wood, ceramic, collage, Ikebana design, cutting-edge fractal art, and much more. Perfect for flower and art lovers, interior designers, museums, galleries, art collectors, art educators, artists, and for individuals needing inspiration from splashes of color.

My third book (2015) was titled "Contemporary Wildlife Artists" and was a juried survey of wildlife artists from around the world.

Over 360 spectacular art pieces are accompanied by personal statements from 74 artists in this curated selection of contemporary works. The artists, who come from across the United States, and from places such as New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, all convey their respect, enthusiasm, and personal connections to wildlife. A wide range of styles and media is covered including photography, glass, relief woodcarving, mosaics, pastels, oil, watercolor and acrylic painting, bronzes, stoneware, terracotta and porcelains, ink, graphite and colored pencil, digital illustration, felted sculpture and fabric collage, and more. Examples of wildlife presented are bears, birds, elephants, monkeys, pandas, tigers, foxes, wolves, owls, seals, and even insects. This book is a great gift for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, interior designers, museums, art collectors, art educators, and artists.

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